Outlined here is Wargaming's plans for 2014.

New Tanks[edit | edit source]

Of these three will be picked

The following tanks will definately come in 2014.

  • Russian tier 8 premium medium: the lighter T-54
  • German tier 8 premium medium
  • Sherman Firefly

Technical[edit | edit source]

2014 will mostly contain technical patches containing things like:

  • A new physics engine: HAVOK
  • HD tank models (pictures on right)
  • Independent suspension (picture below and left)
  • A complete redesign of the camo system
  • A visual system rework
  • Optimised smoke
  • tanks displace grass (grass wont clip through tanks)

Other[edit | edit source]

The whole British tanks will be revised eventually to make them more historical, and more comfortable to play. Included in this the FV4202 and FV215b (120) will be replaced due to the FV215 (120) being fake and the FV4202 fitting historically at tier 8.

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