The British Lend Lease line (or LL for short) is one of World of Tanks British lines. The tanks in the line consist primarily of British-modified American tanks and Australian built tanks, as well as, allegedly, the Sherman Firefly. Though no offical line has been shown, if one follows the first portion of the American medium tank line. It will come in patch 9.5.

Tier II: M2A4Edit

British, Tier II, Light Tank
Uk-GB14 M2

This Icon was a supertest leak.

The M2A4  was a British modified American lend lease M2.

Leads To:
  • Stuart I


Britain ordered 100 M2A4s in early 1941. After 36 of them were delivered, the order was canceled in favor of an improved M3 Stuart. There is evidence that indicates those 36 M2A4s were shipped off from North Africa as part of the British Army's 7th Hussars and 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, fighting in the India and Burma campaigns against the Japanese 14th Tank Regiment.

Tier III: Stuart IEdit

British, Tier III, Light Tank
Uk-GB15 Stuart I

This icon was a supertest leak.

Leads To:

  • Stuart VI
  • M3 Grant

It will probably be the same as the American M3; and will be part of the British LL line.

After this the line splits

Tier IV: Stuart IVEdit

British, Tier IV, Light Tank
Uk-GB16 Stuart VI

This icon was a supertest leak. It will probably be the same as the American and Chinese M5s; and will be part of the British LL line.

Tier IV: M3 GrantEdit

British, Tier IV, Medium Tank

Uk-GB17 Grant I

Leads To: Sherman Mk.III

M3 Grant


British Lees and Grants were in action against Rommel's forces at the disastrous Battle of Gazala on 27 May that year. They continued to serve in North Africa until the end of that campaign. A regiment of M3 Mediums was also used by the U.S. 1st Armored Division in North Africa. In the North African campaign, the M3 was generally appreciated for its mechanical reliability, good armor and heavy firepower.

Tier V: Archer

British, Tier V, Tank Destroyer

Researched through the Valentine


Like the Crusader SP, it was built on the chassis backwards, so it will go faster in reverse.

Leads To: Achillies

Tier VI: Achillies

British, Tier VI, Tank Destroyer

M10 Wolverine with a 17pdr gun

Leads To: Avenger/Challenger

Tier V: Sherman Mk.III Edit

British, Tier V, Medium Tank

Uk-GB18 Sherman II

Leads To: Sherman Firefly


Tier VI: Sherman Firefly (Sherman IC)Edit

British, Tier VI, Medium Tank

Uk-GB19 Sherman Firefly

Leads To: Avenger/Challenger

Tier VII: ChallengerEdit

British, Tier VII, Tank Destroyer

Price: 1,4 mil credits

Hitpoints: 900

Engine: 650 hp

Weight: 31,498 tons

Power-to-weight: 20,64 hp/t

Maximum speed: 52/20 km/h

Hull traverse: 32 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,726

Turret traverse: 16,7 deg/s

Viewrange: 380

Radiorange: 730

Hull armor: 88,9/50,8/38,1

Turret armor: 58/40/200

Elite gun: 17pdr

Damage: 150

Penetration: 171

ROF: 14,221

DPM: 2133

Reload: 4,219

Ammo carried: 55 rounds

Accuracy: 0,316

Aimtime: 2,01s

Depression: -10

Tier VIII: CharioteerEdit

British, Tier VIII, Tank Destroyer


Price: 2,6 mil credits

Hitpoints: 1050

Engine: 650 hp

Weight: 30,27 tons

Power-to-weight: 21,47 hp/t

Maximum speed: 52/20 km/h

Hull traverse: 36 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,726

Turret traverse: 18,8

Viewrange: 370

Radiorange: 730

Hull armor: 63,5/46/38,1

Turret armor: 30/25/30

Stock gun: 20pdr

Damage: 230

Penetration: 226

ROF: 9,481

Reload: 6,329

DPM: 2180

Ammo carried: 35 rounds

Accuracy: 0,336

Aimtime: 2,59

Depression: -5

Tier IX: FV4004 ConwayEdit

British, Tier IX, Tank Destroyer

Description: A prototype tank destroyer. Created on the British Centurion medium tank chassis. Developed in order to fight contemporary heavy tanks, including the IS-3.


Price: 3,5 mil credits

Hitpoints: 1500

Engine: 950 hp

Weight: 51,01 tons

Power-to-weight: 18,62 hp/t

Maximum speed: 35/20 km/h

Hull traverse: 38 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,055/1,822

Turret traverse: 16.7

Viewrange: 380

Radiorange: 782,1

Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/?

Turret armor: 132,1/95,3/?

Stock gun: 105mm L7

Damage: 390/480/480

Penetration: 268/210/105

ROF: 9,202

Reload: 6,521

Ammo carried: 72 rounds

Accuracy: 0,297

Aimtime: 1,73s

Depression: -5/+10

Elite gun: 120mm L1A1

Damage: 400/400/515

Penetration: 259/326/120

ROF: 8,022

Reload: 7,479

Ammo carried: 35 rounds

Accuracy: 0,307

Aimtime: 1,82s

Depression: -5/+10

Tier X: FV4005 Stage IIEdit

British, Tier X, Tank Destroyer

Description: This project of a heavy anti-tank self-propelled gun was developed in the early 50′s, using the equipment and parts from Centurion Mk.3. At first, it was tested with an automatic loading mechanism. Due to the fact that the ammo system did not fit the turret dimensions, it was decided to scrap it. One prototype was made and tested, but the vehicle was not mass produced.


Price: 6,1 mil credits

Hitpoints: 1850

Engine: 650 hp

Weight: 50,802 tons

Power-to-weight: 12,79 hp/t

Maximum speed: 35/12 km/h

Hull traverse: 32 deg/s

Terrain resistance: 0,959/1,247/1,822

Turret traverse: 10,4 deg/s

Viewrange: 390

Radiorange: 750

Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/?

Turret armor: 14/14/14

Elite gun: 183mm L4

Damage: 1150/1750/1750

Penetration: 310/230/92

ROF: 2,018

DPM: 2321

Reload: 29,726

Ammo carried: 12 rounds

Accuracy: 0,364

Aimtime: 2,88s

Depression: -5/+8

Limited traverse: 90 degrees (45 to each side)