Russian, Tier VII?, Medium Tank?
T-44-122 12-36-9-300x263
T-44-122 2
T-44-122 3
T-44-122 armor

These picture were supertest leaks.

The T-44-122 will be a special reward for a player testing something, it is unknown what yet.


Crew: 4

Hitpoints: 1100

Armor hull: 75/75/45

Armor turret: 90/70/70

Maximum weight: 33,3 tons

Ground resistance: 0,8/0,9/1,8

Engine: Continental V-2-10 520hp

Chance of fire:15%

Speed: 56,2/20 km/h

Turret turnrate: 48

Gun: 122mm D-25-44 (penetration: 175/217/61)

Ammo: 24

Depression/Elevation: -3/+20

Accuracy: 0,43

Reload time: 16s

Aimtime: 3,4s

Viewrange: 370m

Radio: 600m